The Original Fairytale - Heartstrings Pin

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Our “Original Fairytale” pin celebrates the life, the love and the magic of Walt and Lillian Disney. The design is based off the rings of the petrified tree found in Frontierland at Disneyland, the ultimate and oldest gift that they shared. It’s symbolic to us because just as the tree stump has been preserved for millions of years and so will their love story. 

  • Each pin comes with it’s own folding card, sharing a brief story of Walt & Lilly
  • 2” Rose Gold and white enamel pin
  • Perfect for Valentine’s Day
  • Domestic orders ship free.

Living happily ever after is the heart of all fairytales, and nobody knew that better than Walt & Lilly. Soulmates from the start, Lillian Bounds first met Walt in 1924 when she was hired as an Ink & Paint girl at his Kingswell Avenue Studio. He would often drive other Ink & Paint girls home during the late nights and even though Lillian lived closest, he would drop her off last. There was something about her that captivated him in ways he couldn’t explain, and on July 13th 1925, Walt married Lillian. She stood at his side during the highs and lows, comforting and encouraging him each day to keep moving forward and even gave Mickey his name. Together they raised two daughters who helped inspire the dream of Disneyland and shared 41 years together as husband and wife living happily ever after in a tale that’s old as time itself.