Hero to Zero Combo Pack - Bottle Opener and 14oz Glass

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Imagine if you’re about to rearrange the cosmos, and the one schlemiel who can louse it up is WALTZING AROUND IN THE WOODS!!! Luckily for you, The Fates gifted us a little offering to help turn that Hero into a Zero.

  • This combo pack will arrive with 2 Hercules themed items, with a special instruction from Hades in a wax sealed envelope
  • The brand new “Hades Underworld Spirits Lounge” 14oz Glass 
  • A 5” metal and magnetic bottle opener themed to resemble the Mortal Potion that turns a god into a mortal
  • Spirits Lounge NOW WITH INDOOR PLUMBING (It’s gonna be big)
  • Now Dishwasher Safe! Top Rack Only.
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