Poor Unfortunate Keychain

Brand: Attractioneering Trading Co.

Product Code: ATC-KEY-URSULA

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Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it?

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You’ve been asking for keychains, and what can we say.. we’re bringing you one that’s signed, sealed and delivered. It was time we took matters into her own tentacles and decided to share the contract that Ursula had Ariel sign. What a poor unfortunate soul she was. 

  • 3” Metal Contract Keychain
  • 1” Fateful fishbone pen links key ring to the contract
  • Delivered inside a confidential contract envelope
  • Embossed backside with Attractioneering Logo and the timeless quote “It doesn’t cost much, just your VOICE!”
  • Contract for “ONE VOICE” null and void upon placement on keys as long as it remains there for all eternity.
  • You can’t get something for nothing, you know, but shipping is free... TAKE THAT, SEA WITCH!